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Welcome to Landscape and Paver Works!

Landscape and Paver Works (formerly LawnWorks) has been serving Northern California for 20+ years as a premier custom landscape installation company.

Landscape and Paver Works strives to give each project a unique look, catered to your taste and lifestyle, that will make coming home and spending time outdoors something to look forward to. Creating your custom landscape starts with sitting down and getting to know you - your likes and dislikes, family situation, intended space usage, budget and maintenance expectations.

Whether you're looking for a natural setting, a functional landscape, a garden oasis or just an outstanding outdoor living space, we can work with you to make your vision a reality!

"LPW did a wonderful job of incorporating stonework, lawn, lighting, and plants with our backyard. By adding pavers that flow seamlessly around the yard and pool we now have our own special getaway!"

-Rene Kelly, Vacaville, CA

"Thank you for the quality work you did for us. Your crew was fast, professional, and produced a well-constructed centerpiece for our back yard. When we arrived home to see the waterfall for the first time, we were in awe, as it exceeded our expectations by miles. It looks natural, and like it has been there for years. The lighting in the water is also beautiful at night. We now enjoy entertaining in a portion of our yard we never used before. Thanks again."

-Lou and Jennifer, Fairfield, CA


Pavers are a strong, versatile, stable, aesthetically pleasing choice for covering your patio, deck, walkway, driveway, mow strip and pool surround areas. There are numerous styles, colors and installation patterns available to choose from and Landscape and Paver Works has the training and experience to create beautiful, long-lasting hard surfaces to suit your needs.

Pavers have advantages multiple advandates over concrete. These include ease of subsurface maintenance in the event of a pipe break or other issue, suitability to expansive/changing soils as the joints between the pavers absorb what might otherwise cause cracking or heaving in slab type materials with better and more consistent colors and textures as compared to stamped concrete.

We install standard, interlocking and the new water permeable pavers (less run-off more water absorbed by the earth) for commercial and residential projects, using methods and materials that meet or exceed ICPI standards for drainage, surface preparation/compaction and installation techniques. We work with products from most common manufacters, including CalStone, Belgard and Basalite.   Contact us to arrange a free estimate for your paver needs.

Retaining walls

Our retaining walls include free standing walls, benches, pillars, tables, steps, stairs, barbeques, outdoor kitchens and water features. From a simple short wall to hold back some soil or define a planting bed to a defining "castle" feature with custom caps and stairs, Landscape and Paver Works will put in the time and effort where it counts.

The most important part of a wall is its foundation, and ours are built to last  with proper soil compaction, aggregate fill and leveling and drainage in accordance with local building regulations. We're so sure of our walls, we guarantee each wall for the long term.

We use wall blocks from CalStone, Belgard and Basalite for their strength, longevity and stylish appearance. Contact us to arrange a free estimate for your paver needs.


From planning and design to drainage, hardscapes, water features, soil preparation, irrigation, plant selection and siting, and lighting, LPW is a full service professional. Our years of training and experience will give you the inviting and functional outdoor environment you want at a price you can afford.

Give us a call today to discuss your landscape design and see your vision come to life.  You'll be glad you did!

Commercial landscaping

Over the last 20+ years, Landscape and Paver Works has installed the landscaping for several municipal and school district projects, including Vaca High, Jepson Middle School in Vacaville and several schools in Fairfield.

Landscape and Paver Works continues to provide high quality commercial (public or private) hardscape and landscape design and installation to fit your needs, all at reasonable prices.

Contact us to arrange a design consultation or bid on your project.

Irrigation Systems

Anyone can place plants in the ground and have them look nice for a while. How do you keep them growing and looking nice, keeping your hardscape elements in place, conserving water and money? That requires proper irrigation.

At Landscape and Paver Works, we know that designing a proper irrigation system requires knowledge of plants, soil types, slopes, area microclimates, drainage, sun and wind exposure. We use this knowledge gained over years of experience in the Northern California region to design a system that will maintain your plantings with minimal stress and maximization of resourses.

Whether your project contains a vineyard, an orchard, a commercial campus with sizeable lawns, groundcovers or drought tolerant species, we take the time to determine the best method of keeping your landscape happy and healthy, whether it be with percussive or geardriven sprinklers, drip emitters and microsprinklers or even underground weep watering.

We also do sprinkler system repair and remediation for your existing systems and troubleshoot dry or wet problem areas.

Landscape and Paver Works can make best use of precious water resources.

Types of Systems We Install!
Systems - Drip, sprinkler, lawn, groundcover, planting areas, orchard/vineyard, small gardens, Commercial irrigation.
Services - Repair, installation, design, troubleshooting, smart controllers and annual irrigation system checks.
Repair - $150 minimum charge for all service calls. Typical repairs include broken sprinklers, PVC pipe, valve repairs, control box and wiring issues. If there are any charges over $150.00, a written estimate will be provided.
Installation - All irrigation materials installed by LPW are commercial grade. We use Schedule 40 & 80 pipe (no thin walled pipe), Rainbird or Hunter valves, control boxes and sprinklers. We guarantee parts and labor for 1 year for any new installation. We also guarantee coverage and efficiency. Our Sprinkler and drip systems and components are installed according to environmental conditions and individual plant requirements.
Example - Typical lawn installation is 500 square feet of lawn. Some is in full sun, some is on a sloped area and some is under a large tree with partial shade. The various areas will be separated, with valves for each different environment. That way you have a healthly lawn with no dry or wet spots. We also design systems to minimize overspray, thus saving you water and money.

Water Conservation

Landscape and Paver Works is committed to providing you with efficient and sustainable landscaping solutions. We work with the latest inovations to provide you with a landscaping project that is not only green with gorgeous plants but GREEN environmentally. We pride ourselves of designing water saving landscapes and irrigation plans.

Plant Suggestions and Other Resources

We have been collecting a list of links to companies and organizations you may find useful in your landscaping endeavors.  This list will grow as we identify other valuable resources.

In the near future we will also be adding a list of our own plant suggestions.


Living Water

The sound and sight of moving water, accentuated by plants and reflective lighting bring a peace and excitement for your tranquil space. Whether you envision a side yard stream winding to a small pond, a cascading hillside waterfall, a peaceful koi pond, or a pondless waterfall or fountain, we have the knowledge and experience to design and create your relaxing retreat.

What to expect when you have Landscape and Paver Works build your waterscape:

1. Free Initial Consultation and Estimate.
We can help with aesthetic, practical and design considerations and options to fit your budget and lifestyle.

  • What is your existing environment like?
  • How much time can you dedicate toward your water feature?
  • Do you want fish in your pond?
  • Do you have concerns about children around a pond?
  • Do you have a certain waterfall or stream concept in mind?
  • What is the look you want?
  • What materials do you want to use?
  • Do you have any other concerns or issues?

2. Installation Prep and Design.
Based on your preferences, we will map out and design an area on your property for your pond and/or waterfall. Review your unique area and detail how everything is going to work, shapes, sizes, etc. Please note that it is our main goal to install a long term, enjoyable water feature. We will be on-site to explain the pro's and con's regarding the various types of designs that you might be interested in. Once we have finalized the design, we obtain the right materials for the job. The correct liner and pad size, biofalls, skimmer, the correct pump size, etc., etc.. All ready to go so there is no downtime waiting for materials.
Our experienced installers will complete this process in a timely and professional manner:
Excavation - Proper depths, rock and plant shelves.
Skimmer and Biofalls Install and Placement - Very important for good water circulation.
Pump and Proper Plumbing - Right pump for the job, easy maintenace flush valve, check valve, auto refill valve, thick flex pipe, and filtration.
Pad and Liner Install - we will inspect area for any sharp protrusions that may damage the liner.
Rock and Plant Placement
Hardscape or Landscape - The final touches.
Post Installation
Leak Checks - We isolate the stream, pond and plumbing areas and conduct full leak checks.
Water Treatment - Remove any construction debris, test water and adjust if necessary.
Cycle water through filters and plants
Add Fish - if desired, after your pond is established.
Follow Up - We will provide you with our contact information and warranty information should there be any problems. We guarantee our waterscapes!
All the Bells and Whistles
Hardscaping - Yes, we do it all. Decks, bridges, pavers, flagstone and concrete.
Landscaping - All phases: Design, irrigation, planting, drainage.
Waterplants - Contact us for current availability.
Fish - Call for availability.
Low Voltage Lighting - Design, sales and installation

Contact us when you're ready to get started.

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We take pride in our work and leaving you with a final project that is sure to please the eye not only with style but maintainability. Take a look at some of our projects.

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